punk this week: prison affair, snooper, fan club (fka lysol) + 7 more

Plus incredible NYC hardcore from No Knock, the new one from the UK’s Marcel Wave, and a whole lot more.

punk this week: prison affair, snooper, fan club (fka lysol) + 7 more
Prison Affair photo by Camille Irrgang, Snōōper photo by Monica Murray

It’s Friday, June 14, and this is Punk This Week. It’s see/saw’s rundown of the new punk records that are worth a listen. It’s a big week, with a split from two powerhouses in Snōōper and Prison Affair, the debut outing from Fan Club under a name that isn’t Lysol, some exceptional hardcore from NYC’s No Knock, and a lot more.

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Snōōper / Prison Affair: Split [Under the Gun/Static Shock/Big Love]

This is a powerful, near-combustible pairing: two bands whose individual moves merit a close watch together here on the same platter. What’s surprising about the Snōōper and Prison Affair split is that for two egg punk institutions, there’s an awful lot of heft, fuzz, and aggression being swung around here. “Company Car” stands with “Running” and “Pod” as a standout Snōōper track. Shout out Prison Affair’s ability to pair squiggly freakouts and earworms, all while keeping the aforementioned burl in place. It’s split season, baby.