Do you want access to all of see/saw beyond the paywall but aren’t able to meet the $4/month or $40/year? Let's barter! (Seriously, people have done this!)

Email me: with the subject line "see/saw barter" and your name. Some examples that could work:

  1. Pay what you want: Hit me up and ask if you can get in for a year with a donation to the tip jar.
  2. Street team stuff: Could you put up some flyers? Ask some of your friends to sign up? Make some see/saw fan art of some kind? This is a new thing, so word-of-mouth would be unbelievably helpful.
  3. An exchange of goods: Do you have your own newsletter or zine? Got some cool or weird stuff lying around you want to get rid of that you think could amount to a year of see/saw? Hit me up and we’ll talk about a trade of sorts.

What won’t work:

  1. Payola: Everything on see/saw is curated and not influenced by records being sent through the mail. Do not try to barter by sending your own releases, I’m not interested in doing things that way.
  2. Writing for the site: Ideally, this project grows to a point where I can pay people fairly to write for see/saw. It’s too early for that right now. I won’t give you paywall access in exchange for a piece.
  3. Creepy or illegal shit: Duh.
  4. It’s early: I’m sure I’ll think of more stuff that isn’t OK.