punk this week: program, shop regulars + 3 more

Plus Rearranged Face, a standout egg punk project from Louisville, a Wyoming hardcore trio, and seven releases noted in brief

punk this week: program, shop regulars + 3 more
Program photo by Robyn Daly

It’s Friday, June 7, and this is Punk This Week. It’s see/saw’s rundown of the new punk records that are worth a listen. This week features the new album from Program, Shop Regulars, Rearranged Face, and more.

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Program: It’s a Sign [Anti Fade]

There’s a laid back vibe to It’s a Sign that’s easily cast as slacker rock. The vocals from Program are pocketed and casual in this way that makes the album an easy hang—a record to put on pretty much whenever the melodies could ease you into social situations. It’s an album where I find myself getting obsessed with individual decisions: the harmonies and guitar solo of “One on One,” the jangly intro and sunny hook of “Side by Side,” the album’s fantastic keys-based outro. Slacker is an easy enough word to saddle a band with when shit isn’t flashy, but making stellar music with solid hooks, great lyrics, and harmonies that pop has gotta be hard work.