punk this week: mordecai’s ragged minimalism, sihir’s unstoppable debut + 6 more

Plus the return of Florida’s Armor, a post-Spray Paint album by Rider/Horse, a tape by Chicago miscreants Ejaculators, and much more

punk this week: mordecai’s ragged minimalism, sihir’s unstoppable debut + 6 more
Mordecai, photo courtesy the artist

It’s Friday, July 5, and this is Punk This Week. It’s see/saw’s rundown of the new punk and rock’n’roll records that are worth a listen. First up is some disorienting and minimal excellence from Mordecai, plus an unbelievable debut album from Sihir. There’s also the latest from Florida’s Armor, Chicago miscreants Ejaculators, the post-Spray Paint project Rider/Horse, and some goth-y Washington post-punk from Excess Blood. All that and some stellar singles from Lothario, Erik Nervous, Big Bopper, Electric Prawns 2, and others.

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Mordecai: Seeds From the Furthest Vine [Petty Bunco]

There’s a lot of talk about experimental Columbus rock’n’roll music in the description of the new Mordecai album, and it’s to Seeds From the Furthest Vine’s credit that the Jim Shepherd and Mike Rep comparisons hold water. Seeds is ragged and minimal, a basement tape jam where the entire album is untied loose ends. The final minutes of the album unfold in this track called “Down in an Alley,” and it’s actually maybe the best starting point. Across several minutes, a lovely little organ melody is interrupted by clanging and feedback. The nice stuff comes at a cost, like when you grab the furthest juiciest raspberry and tangle your forearm up in thorns.