punk this week: autobahns’ exceptional debut album + 8 more

Plus a great new tape on Goodbye Boozy, a great art punk LP from the Sheaves, and new heat from Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Italy, and Sydney

punk this week: autobahns’ exceptional debut album + 8 more
Autobahns, photo courtesy Legless Records

It’s Friday, June 21, and this is Punk This Week. It’s see/saw’s rundown of the new punk records that are worth a listen. This time let’s talk about the exciting debut album from Autobahns, a lo-fi tape out on Goodbye Boozy, the latest collage rock goodness from the Sheaves, plus some great new ones out of Cincinnati, Italy, Sydney, and Pittsburgh.

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Autobahns: First LP! [Feral Kid/Legless/Phantom/Magüt]

You may not know Giuliano Iannarella, the Germany and Switzerland-based punk rocker, but the debut Autobahns album First LP! makes a strong case that he deserves a seat alongside fellow rippers-to-watch Gee Tee, Alien Nosejob, and Sick Thoughts. It’s not easy to designate exactly where this lives in the realms of egg, chain, and skate punk—it’s a journey across all those vibes. There’s a track here called “Ciapa Male,” and it’s just choppy and relentless rock’n’roll that could burn for a full hour without getting old. It’s the kind of debut with so much power, so many major songs, and so many different vibes packed into one album, it feels like a star turn for Iannarella. Synths attempt to simmer things down near the end, but it’s useless: First LP! burns hot.