playlist: the best punk songs of may 2024

Check out the greatest heavy rock'n'roll music from the past month.

playlist: the best punk songs of may 2024

In May, I spent a good amount of time in the Detroit, Minneapolis, and DC areas, and in all these places, I found myself talking to musicians. The common thread in every conversation was community—that no artist gets to where they are by themselves. 208’s Kyle and Shelby didn’t find their artistic community until they moved up to Detroit from Florida, and now they’re surrounded by support. Every conversation I’ve had with a band inevitably goes back to their buddy bands, their mentors, and the people who support and inspire them. 

What’s been cool about see/saw in its nascent era is that it’s the first time I’ve truly felt a sense of community between writer and reader. I’m hearing from y’all with every post, whether that’s on Instagram, in direct email replies, or in the literal comment section (aka the paid tier crew). Some feedback is from old friends and mentors, but I’m also making new friends through this thing, both online and irl here in the Chippewa Valley. It’s giving me energy to keep it growing.

This month has included the aforementioned 208 interview, where the duo discussed channeling trauma into lo-fi rock’n’roll rippers. There was also a chat with Soup Activists’ Martin Meyer about moving forward with indie rock and leaving Lumpy and the Dumpers in the past. Cruelster elaborated on their beefs with dudes in cars. The inaugural installment of the Record Exchange interview series featured AEW wrestler and fictional bounty hunter Bryan Keith. There was also a playlist in tribute to Shannon & the Clams.

The “Punk This Week” recommendations column seems to have remained a resource in what’s new and exciting in the world of punk, garage rock, and hardcore. Each week in May included between seven and 10 blurbs for $4/month or barter. What I’ve really loved recently is hearing how many people found a new beloved record from the “what else” brief mentions at the end. Oh right, and one week I posted early by accident and then did a supplementary review of the new surprise Yambag album because it rules.

These monthly playlist posts seem like a decent excuse to offer a state of the publication update. Here’s what’s going on:

  • By the end of May, see/saw reached over 700 subscribers total. For a start-up, that kind of support is honestly incredible. So much of that is thanks to word of mouth. This operation is exactly what I dreamed of with a post-C*ndé punk writing endeavor: no billionaires, street teams, small donors, and word-of-mouth organic growth. Consider spreading the word about this thing if you like it.
  • People are bartering for subscriptions! My friends who made flyers and helped with videos have paid-tier subscriptions, and so do people who put up flyers around their communities.
  • Check out Gem Fair’s Dog With a Mullet episode about see/saw! It was an extreme joy to chat with such an awesome person.
  • If you want to put up see/saw flyers for barter or to help support the cause, here’s a PDF of the flyer.
  • On June 16, I’m moderating an open forum in Cincinnati about the area’s punk community at Feel It Record Shop. It’s at 4pm and free. Some great musicians and local punk luminaries will be on hand. Later I’ll write it up for the site. Please come through if you’re nearby!
  • Finally, I’m selling stickers and buttons featuring Ian Teeple’s very good see/saw logo! Sales will dictate if it makes sense to do more merch because otherwise I’m just storing a bunch of these in my house.

Looking ahead I’ve got some exciting pieces in the wings—Record Exchange interviews, conversations with artists, more playlists. A couple potential surprises are coming, too. For now, here’s the best punk, garage punk, and heavy music from the month. Listen below in a browser or here.

see/saw: the best punk songs of may 2024

Power Pants: Keep Rockin’ On
Gee Tee: Couch Potato
Shawnis and the Shimmers: Queer Planet
Virtual Combat: Rat Race
Sex Mex: Pretty Boy
Rouge: Repeating Game
The Dogs: We Are the Dogs
Cutters: Landlord Nation
Nick Normal: Mixed Lettuces 1&2
Grand Final: Feel Good
Axe: Gasoline
Bermuda Squares: Work From Home
Laxity: Mój Sen
Googon: Flip 5150
Fen Fen: FM
The Gobs: Gimme My Steel Reserve
Vacation: Worlds in Motion
Yambag: Frye vs Takayama
The Ar-Kaics: Dawning
Pyrex: Bozo
Oh Boland: Here Comes the Order of Malta
Hammer and the Tools: Dolphin Friend
Monda: Stiff Jumbo
208: Desires
Purgatorio: Purgatorio
Cut Piece: GUGI
Tommy Cossack & the Degenerators: Down on the Ground
NTSC PAL: Suggestive Rex
Judy and the Jerks: Rumpus
D. SABLU: World Peace
Bootlicker: With Reason
Alienator: Buried Alive
Cut Gluv: Switchblade
Invertebrates: Humid Crypt
Cool Guy Club: Dumb Screens
Neutrals: Stop the Bypass
One Trick Pony: Life Goals
Positive ID: Write My Name on the Wall
BLASTER: Destroy
Eye Ball: Violins
Spresso: Day Out
Shannon and the Clams: The Vow
Psychic Sports: The Vision, the Way
Radar: Walk Away
Ultra Lights: Nostalgia
Waylon Thornton: Mono Rocket
Nag: Pupil
Vile Desire: Extinction
Slan: Den stora alfan
Total Con: My Misery
NORMS: Langyos Polgárháború