punk this week: redd kross, the drin, hot tubs time machine + 6 more

A remarkable Redd Kross comeback, a Drin LP for the zoners, a peer into Marcus from the UV Race’s multitudes, and much more.

punk this week: redd kross, the drin, hot tubs time machine + 6 more
Redd Kross, photo by Wanda Martin

It’s Friday, June 28, and this is Punk This Week. It’s see/saw’s rundown of the new punk and rock’n’roll records that are worth a listen. Redd Kross are back and way better than they have any right to be in 2024. There’s a new full-length from Cincinnati psych enigmas the Drin. Members of the UV Race and Deaf Wish have a band called Hot Tubs Time Machine. Bad Image, Electric Prawns 2, Lucta, Gefyr, and Rat Cage also have some great stuff out. There’s some heat this week!

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Redd Kross: Redd Kross [In the Red]

It’s inspiring to hear Redd Kross making some of their best work this late into their tenure. The band’s new double album delivers the ‘60s garage rock vibe at a high level, in part because the McDonald brothers understand that this shit should be fun. “Stunt Queen” has harmonies and “ba-ba-ba” vocals, but it also has a fuzz-slathered guitar solo that decimates. It’s vintage power pop constructed immaculately and then recorded beautifully by Josh Klinghoffer. Between its moments of jammy psychedelia, playfulness, and consistent earworm songcraft, there are highlights on highlights. It’d be easy to say “they’ve still got it,” but honestly, they’ve topped some of their first wave albums with this one.