punk this week: 208, nag, late shift + 5 more

Read about new records from Tommy Cossack and the Degenerators, Purgatorio, Googon, and more

punk this week: 208, nag, late shift + 5 more
208’s Possession artwork on Goodbye Boozy

It’s Friday, May 10, and this is Punk This Week. It’s see/saw’s rundown of the new punk records that are worth a listen. The latest installment features new ones from 208, Nag, Tommy Cossack, Purgatorio, Late Shift, and Googon. The full post is available to paid subscribers (and those who barter their way through the paywall). Free subscribers still have access to interviews, playlists, and more. Please consider a paid subscription to help grow this reader-supported endeavor. RIP Gary Floyd and Steve Albini.

208: Possession [Goodbye Boozy]

208, the Detroit duo of Kyle Edmonds and Shelby Say, make shit-fi and blown out bluesy rock’n’roll that brings to mind the Gories or some old Siltbreeze records. Sonically, it feels like party music to explode your ears and get you dancing—this midpoint between garage rock and noise. Possession isn’t abrasive to bolster the aesthetic fun of the whole deal. They tried recording nice and pretty on a reel-to-reel, but when you’re responding to trauma through music, it’s impossible to make music loud enough. Bluntly, “Tantrum” is a song about abuse. “Desires” and “Possession” both reach for something unattainable. Not just because it absolutely rips, this new EP is some heavy shit.