playlist: after cindy lee’s diamond jubilee

Cindy Lee’s Diamond Jubilee is an incredible two-hour experience. Here’s a playlist of 28 songs I wanted to hear afterward.

playlist: after cindy lee’s diamond jubilee
Cindy Lee’s Diamond Jubilee artwork

The reigning listening event of the season didn’t come from a one percenter dominating the charts—the tortured poet cowboy types currently buried in the money DSP bosses reluctantly agree hand over. It’s not even available on said platforms or to purchase in a record store (yet). Cindy Lee’s Diamond Jubilee is a two-hour opus that’s currently only available as a Geocities download or on YouTube, and thanks in large part to Andy Cush’s glowing recommendation on Pitchfork, this is the record that’s been dominating my every social media feed, befuddling the Facebook crew and electrifying the music journos over on X. I’ve taken it on some night drives and long walks. It’s an incredible record to pick up and put down—worth the hype just because of how many different places it goes.

This playlist won’t get into any of the decades-old touchstones on Diamond Jubilee—the Brian Wilsons, girl groups, or early ’00s indie titans. Instead, I wanted to think about somewhat recent records I find myself wanting to reach for after listening to Diamond Jubilee. These are songs with psychedelic or garage pop leanings, some records that are layered and bizarre, some that are pretty simple but take me to a similar zone. These are the songs to enjoy as a chaser to Cindy Lee’s very good two-hour sitting. It’s embedded below on a browser; otherwise here’s a link.

Palberta: She Feels That Way (Acoustic)
The Drin: Tigers Cage
Zero Percent APR: Midnight
Soup Activists: Stormy Mornings
Shells: Warm Dub
No Joy: No Summer
XV: Pen
Peace de Resistance: Boston Dynamics
Marbled Eye: Another Year
Aquarian Blood: Finger Echo
W-X: Clean It, Glen [not on bandcamp]
SPLLIT: Cloaking
Lewsberg: Going Places
Parsnip: The Babble
Display Homes: Tunnel of Doubt
The Cowboys: Prized Pig
Ar-Kaics: This Time Tonight
Famous Mammals: Let the Light In
Kitchen’s Floor: Doomed
EXEK: Sen Yen for 30 Min of Violin
Pinocchio: My Time Vol. 1
I.L.L.O: Megalodon
Straw Man Army: Simple Cure
Silicone Prairie: Neon Moon
Rebel Kind: Baby Baby Baby
Feeling Figures: Seek and Hide
Mosquito: The Originol Soundtrack
Glittering Insects: My Diminishing Return